Dispositivo cosmético

The cosmetic and medical lines offered often have a wide array of technology used and a very limited purpose. It is difficult to make the right choice. Our company, MROTEX, offers certified cosmetic devices. In doing so we make sure the treatments administered are safe and provide visible results. We work with prestigious clinics as La Perle, skin clinic, Dr Irena Eris and the Holistic Clinic.

Our cosmetic devices meet the requirements of Spa Centers, wellness medical centers and beauty salons. In doing so we offer the latest technology for closure of blood vessels Onetec and mesotherapy without needles Meso T8. Onetec eliminates various skin problems like expanded blood vessels, angioma, fibroma or skin discoloration. Another cosmetic device is Meso T8 that by pressing fit active component nourish deep part of skin. Thanks to that face takes shine and skin is more firm.

Confía en los profesionales

Nos ocupamos de la producción de trajes especializados Bodysuit para masajes, envasados al vacío y que vendemos con éxito en más de 50 países de todos los continentes. Somos el único fabricante oficial de los trajes utilizados en los tratamientos ICOONE®.

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