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Manufacturer of Bodysuits

We are a manufacturer of specialized bodysuits used for vacuum massage, which we successfully sell on all continents, in over 50 countries.

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Mrotex Group

Our group provides comprehensive services for beauty salons, aesthetic medicine offices and SPAs. Mrotex is the exclusive distributor of several renowned companies selling medical devices that are recognized by customers of the largest cosmetic medicine clinics and wellness salons in Poland. The equipment we offer for salons and offices is characterized by the highest quality and reliability. We are also a manufacturer of bodysuits used for vacuum massage.

The Standard Costume is a specialized vacuum massage costume that ensures hygiene and comfort during many medical, cosmetic and rehabilitation treatments. It is also necessary during a vacuum massage that reduces cellulite and shapes the body.

Prevents pinching of the skin and pulling of hair during the treatment. The bodysuit is made of a very smooth and silky material that is flexible and fits snugly to the body. Thanks to the use of a different yarn weave, intimate areas are less transparent.