How to place an order in Mrotex Group

To meet the needs of our customers, we prepared a few channels of placing an order. We care about the quality, but also the order time, and we try to optimize our websites. We improve their practicality to ensure the best experience for our customers.

It is preferably to place the orders for the bodysuits, accessories, and others on


The customer can register their accounts in our online store. To register an account the customer has to fill the form, once that’s done, he or she can use the same account every time its needed. This way the shopping can be pleasant, and quick experience. Remember to always put valid information, so your order can be send quickly, and correctly. The registered account saves the customer’s time as all the shipping details are already in our system. We also allow our customers to order as a guest. However if you want to create your account, you can always transform the guest account, into registered one.

We are always happy to take your order. If you’ve got any special enquiries, you can also place an order via:

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • WhatsApp

We appreciate our customers feedback, and we are always happy to be contacted by them. However if you are in a rush, we advise you to place an order via online store. We’ve got the pleasure to work with many customers from over 50 different countries, and we would be grateful for any feedback on our websites to always ensure the best quality possible.

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Trust our professionals.

We manufacture specialized costumes (Bodysuit) for vacuum massage, which we successfully sell in all continents all over 50 countries. We are the only manufacturer of the Bodysuits that are used in ICOONE treatments.

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