To meet the needs of our customers, we prepared a few channels of placing an order. We care about the quality, but also the order time, and we try to optimize our websites. We improve their practicality to ensure the best experience for our customers. It is preferably to place the orders for the ...

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Proper maintenance of the vacuum massage device allows the device to be kept in good technical and visual condition, and reduces the risk of any defects. The regular clean-up is a crucial factor in regards to the hygiene of the procedures. Daily maintenance includes keeping the rollers clean. It ...

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There are many kinds of massage, which influence our body. One of the latest method is the vacuum massage. It is performed by a professional at the beauty salon. What’s more, the patient wears a bodysuits. This unique massage, which is recommended mostly to people with cellulite problems, shapes t...

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We manufacture specialized costumes (Bodysuit) for vacuum massage, which we successfully sell in all continents all over 50 countries. We are the only manufacturer of the Bodysuits that are used in ICOONE treatments.

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