Vacuum massage – professional vacuum massage device

There are many kinds of massage, which influence our body. One of the latest method is the vacuum massage. It is performed by a professional at the beauty salon. What’s more, the patient wears a bodysuits. This unique massage, which is recommended mostly to people with cellulite problems, shapes the body.

What is the vacuum massage?

Influence on the connective tissue, as well as the skin by a special device, which produces under pressure. The procedure is done on the whole body. The patient wears a special suit, which is necessary to perform the massage. It should be well fitted, made of light, soft, and flexible fabric. The intimate areas are less transparent to ensure the patient’s comfort. The bodysuit protects the patient from micro traumas, which can occur while using high intensity pressure.

The massage device produces pressure, and the power is selected according to the patent’s preference. The device includes the main head with two movable rollers, and suction chamber.

And what exactly happens during the procedure? A skin fold is sucked between the rollers as a result of the pressure. The rollers roll, and press the skin tissue, including the surface, and the deeper parts of the skin.

Slimming, shaping, and smoothing

The results are visible after one treatment. The procedure is usually done twice a week, and one package includes from 10 to 12 treatments. This kind of massage mostly affects the lymphatic system, it accelerates its work. It supports the process of detoxifying the body, and stimulates the skin to biological self-renewal. It’s perfect for someone who deals with water retention. The water retention can cause the cellulite, and weight gain. The massage shapes the body not only by smoothing the skin, but also reducing the density of fat tissue. The skin begins to be firmer, and more flexible. This anti cellulite treatment performed on the stomach, thighs, and buttocks, allows to reduce the visibility, or completely eliminate the cellulite. Better blood circulation, increases the ability to detoxify the body. The vacuum massage soothes the muscle pain, and swelling. It is recommended to women, and men, who want to improve their appearance but also to anyone who is active, and leads a healthy lifestyle. The treatment is perfect for anyone, who wants to change the body outside, but also inside. The vacuum massage can improve the function of the whole body.

The vacuum massage isn’t appropriate for people with infections or damaged skin, as well as pregnant women in the 1st trimester, and breastfeeding mothers.

The newest generation of the vacuum massage devices, that are based on the patented technology Roboderm, allow the massage to be performed on the loose skin, and rosacea. Two heads reduce the treatment, and expected results time.

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