Vacuum massage device maintenance

Proper maintenance of the vacuum massage device allows the device to be kept in good technical and visual condition, and reduces the risk of any defects. The regular clean-up is a crucial factor in regards to the hygiene of the procedures.

Daily maintenance includes keeping the rollers clean. It is advised to brush the flaps, and the cover’s surface, that is places under the rollers, after every use. The flaps should be replaced every 100 hours.

Moreover we advise to clean the device once a week. The roller’s drawers, and the space underneath the cover of filters should be cleaned with a small vacuum nozzle. The device’s cover, screen, and the power cord should be cleaned with wet cloth, the cleaning agent used to clean the device shouldn’t contain alcohol.

It is advised to change the air filters every 40 hours. The device shows the time to change the filter. When changing the filters, we encourage to vacuum the filters outlets as well. The device has got separate filters for body and face treatments.

Other than daily maintenance, the professional service should be scheduled. The service is done by a qualified service technician. It is best to schedule the service during autumn, and winter months since less procedures are performed. It reduces the risk of any breakdowns during the peak season.

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